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The Power of Pi

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This site, hosted by the awesome folks at SDF has been created on a Raspberry Pi. The RPi is one of the best gadgets brought to us in the 21st century. The fantastic $35 credit card size computer opens up a whole new world for computer enthusiasts. With the RPi, Linux is the main operating system and this brings many possibilities in programming, web development, electronics and so much more.

The RPi is now on a new version, Model 3 B+, and just keeps going from strength to strength. The first version of the RPi was released 29th February 2012. Since then there have been several versions released including the Pi Zero. If you dont own one, but are interested in learning about computers and your on a budget the RPi is ideal for people of all ages. There are a number of alternative mini computers available on the market today, but RPi has a massive amount of community support available. And with Quad Core processors now available in the latest models, the possiblities are almost endless.

The current specification for the latest RPi Model 3 B+ is:

Current Operating Systems available are:

So this site is dedicated to one of the best gadgets ever, and the adventures/mischief that can be done with it. :)

List of Resources

SDF - Sign up for a free shell account
The Pi Hut - Raspberry Pi Store